Israel-Palestine Conflict. — 04. A wall in my head, a Hervé Magnin's mowie

A wall in my head is more difficult to break down a prejudice than an atom", said Albert Einstein. Certainly, in Palestine, the walls of separation are very concrete. But more rigid than concrete, are the abstract walls of mentalities shaped by propaganda. In Palestine, colonization is in full swing. But decolonizing people's minds is a prerequisite for putting an end to the colonialism that the Israeli government is making reign in the occupied territories. At least, it is the premise of this film that invites us to explore the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This documentary offers a better understanding of the issues, the obstacles, but also the levers and steps that could lead to a fair and peaceful sharing of this coveted land. Palestinians and Jews share a heavy traumatic past. However, are they on a path to resilience? This is also the question this film attempts to answer.

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